Oct 16, 2008

Yay for Fun!

Well, if you follow my newsletter and me then you know of Brian, my best friend and incredible boyfriend. Today he surprised me with the greatest gift including attention, affirmation, character, and affection. I just have to share because for me, this is so special I don't even know how I'm comprehending it!

Now, to you, it may not seem as big as it does to me. But today when I got home from work there was a note on my door. He had driven down from where he lives (an hour away) and set up a treasure hunt in my apartment. There were 35 clues numbered 1-35. Each clue led to the next through bible verses. He found verses that linked to my apartment through key words. Also, in each clue, was a puzzle piece. Once I found all of the clues (and the special bag of chocolate covered almonds), I put the puzzle together which had the final clue on the back. When I got the box (the treasure) and opened it, there was the camera I had been wanting since I practically met him! So below, for your enjoyment, is a picture I took with the camera and a close up of the pretty thing. I have named her Rose. :D

And keeping in the spirit of love, here is my latest piece...a request by my friend Candace...a fairy of blessing with a squirrel.


Anonymous said...

Awww... that's SO sweet!! :D Brian sounds like a wonderful person. :)

Dawn Obrecht said...

How sweet of Brian!!! Of course, I already know he's a sweet guy!! *wink*

Your camera is too cool!!

Love the new fairy blessing too!!


Meredith said...

That's great :)

I love the squirrel

Candace Trew Camling said...

oh my gosh! I love cameras, and that is such a great one!

The squirrel and his fairy are even cuter in color!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh that's so sweet! How fun!

And I love the fairy and squirrel, too. This post is full of sweetness :)

Amy Short said...

That is so cool and sweet and lovely. I love it! And can I borrow your camera sometime?! I need a new one! ;o) Amy