Dec 17, 2008

Finally...some updating!

So I thought I should update my blog and let you all know what I've been up to lately. It's been kinda quiet on the "business" front....for obvious reasons. Christmas. Yup, all summed up in one word. A great word of course, and I'm taking my gift giving pretty seriously this year. Making a lot of hand made gifts and painting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get it all done. Tonight is gonna be a late night for sure!

Theres that, and spiritually I've had to do some work. A lot more quiet, praying, and journaling time. Lots of conversations with Brian...which I love! I love how we can sit down and talk about the rough stuff, the hard times, and be on the same level. Both calm, understanding, and listening. Though I know I have to work more on listening than talking, since I tend to do that....A LOT. I'm a babbling brook (a phrase by Dr. Gary Chapman).

Also Brian's car got wrecked by a drunk driver early (very early) Sunday morning. Thankfully not a single person was hurt, and Brian and I were inside my apartment. The car was totaled so Brian has been working with the insurance company and friends to find a new car. We've been praying faithfully and God has so generously blessed this whole ordeal. It has been smooth and better than expected. :) So thank God!

This year I also did something different for Christmas. I usually print and make my own Christmas cards to mail out, but since I don't have a printer any more, and the printer I do have is out of ink, I decided to make (sounds kind of cheesy) eCards...well...kind of. So here is my Christmas illustration for this year. Enjoy! And I hope everyone has a fantastic, full of love, full of blessing, full of hope Christmas! Be inspired by Christ. :)


Candace Trew Camling said...

I love this blues-y little guy!! I bet he's singing something full of Christmas cheer! Lovely, and I am glad you are doing well!, TALK? never!

Carmen Medlin said...

Aw, this little guy showed up in my inbox! Thank you Sara! :)

Dawn Obrecht said...

Cute card!!! So much happening, I'm glad Brian wasn't in the car when it got hit!! o.O

I hope you, Brian and your family have the best Christmas sweetie!!


Mirtika said...

I got your cute e-card in my inbox earlier. THANKS, Sara. Blessings on you and yours this holiday.


Holly Durr Art said...

Thanks for the lovely e-card. He's so sweet!