Mar 11, 2009


Pretty princess Madie. She's such a cutie and such an inspiration! :)

So why show sketches on this blog instead of my "sara doodles" one? Well, thoughts have been going through my head, and have decided to delete that blog. *sigh* Yes. Alas tis easier to post everything on one instead of two. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but just not working out. Gotta weed out the bad ones, ya know. Not an easy decision, but I think the best one.

The other thought I had was changing my blog spot address. "Warrior Princess' Dream" is quite the mouth full when I tell people about it. :/ So here's wonderin' what to do. I would love to change the address of this blog to something simpler. But don't know what yet, more pen work to do. But would love your feedback if this is a direction you'd like to see as a follower of my work. Am I crazy? Yes we all know that. It's scary because change is scary, especially in this business of publishing. But I pray it's for the best.

So please leave back any thoughts or comments you have on this matter. :)


Sonia said...

Hi Sara,

Those kitty sketches are so ADORABLE 8D! I want a whole book of them X)!

Sonia =}

Meredith said...

cute cute cute cute cute!!