Mar 5, 2009


"Breezey" | graphite, 2009

What a month!!! Hey folks, how ya doin? Long time no see. :) It's been a struggle to get my schedule back in alignment after the third week of February. Now you see me, now you don't. On February 17th, my boyfriend, Brian, proposed to me and wedding planning went into effect. Our wedding date is this August 29th! Soooo much to do! At least it felt that way in the beginning.

Brian set up a site showing pictures, our "meeting" story, and the proposal story. If you're interested I invite you to take a look!

I've been drawing the formal wear, the cake, set up ideas, etc. Aside from that I have been continuing to work on a book project. If you want a sneak peek at the illustrations join my mailing list! To sign up you need to find the form to the left (scroll down a bit), fill it out, and presto! You're a member. You'll receive a newsletter about twice a month or so giving insights, sneak peeks, and updates on my life as an artist and as a human being.

I have posted some sketches in my sketchblog...since it's all I've been able to do since the proposal. Below are a few sketches I've done for the wedding. It's kinda fun being an artist and the bride. :)


Anonymous said...

I Love that bunny! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS SARA!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!! I'm so happy for you and Brian!!!

And cute bunny!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't visited your blog in a while, but I popped by to see how you were doing. I'm SO very happy for you and Brian!! :D Congratulations on your engagement! I wish you two a very long and happy life together. :)