Apr 16, 2009


In the beginning, there were dandelions...
and it was spring.

My newest quick fine art. A great way to start the day! It's a wee buggar measuring only 3.75x4 inches. What's really cool is I got use the paints brought back from Japan. Brian's brother and sister-in-law (Marcus and Kelli) went to Japan last year. From the sweetness of their hearts brought me some paints back. They are watercolor, but thicker than what I traditionally use. It was fun using them tho, very bright, colors we don't use (tho I still have yet to really touch those), and mix beautifully!

I'm excited to see the dandelions. They bring so much hope and joy in knowing warmth is here. :D Yay!

{ original painting on sale at my Etsy shop: Sara Burrier Fine Watercolor }

1 comment:

Kelli B said...

Love it! I'm glad you have made use of them :)