Jun 3, 2009


"Purity" | Watercolor 2009

And...she's finished. :) I also decided to figure out how to do an embossed watermark on my work. So that's new too!

In other news, I finally got my Shoppe all finished and uploaded! I'm way stoked about it, lovin' how it looks, and looking forward to adding more items. I have like a bazillion cross stitch patterns that need to be placed up. Now if I could just get to painting more....;)

I have a new project, and here's the sketch for it, enjoy! I know I will.


Candace Trew Camling said...

i'm really excited about that new piece!! The purity one turned out lovely!

Gideon Zed said...

Hi. I ran across your work while surfing the web... I really love your art. I will have to come look more but it looks like watercolor which I highly admire b/c I've tried the medium and it is VERY hard to use. Beautiful angels and such... I'm curious, do you also believe in faries or do you just like the fantasy of it?

Anyways, awesome and on this one, I love the chicks hair. My hair kinda looks like that. :)