Jan 12, 2010

Work in Progress

Getting there....but I'm starting to go cross eyed and crazy trying to determine where it's going visually. Are the colors working? Can you see the birds well enough? I would love some feedback and critiques on this.

This painting is being created for my first promo postcard of the year.
To view the sketch go here
To view previous wip, go here



Candace Trew Camling said...

I think the birds need to come out just a TAD more. Do not go overboard! Perhaps a slightly thicker outline?? Or when you do the final highlights stage?

Its very cute so far though! I am loving it! It is perfection with the brushstokes in person too!

k.h.whitaker said...

I love it, but agree with Candace, maybe just punch it up with a glaze over the birds. I love the layout, the flow of the houses, the muted colors in the background and of the smaller kids, the theme. I think it is great. The only other thing I think you might want to consider is punching up the color to a slightly brighter level on the boy in the right hand corner. I just think he is a little too muted. I don't dislike it and this may be what you were going for. I just think a slightly brighter glaze on his clothing might be just the thing to make it outstanding. However, that being said it may be that the photo of your painting is cast in a shadow causing the true color and lighting to be off. So if it is brighter in reality than in the online image then this is all a mute point. Just a thought, hope this helps.

J Perrault said...

beautiful drawing BUT (since you asked) I agree birds should be punched in value. They're important. I see the composition working visually in a circle from girl holding egg, to birds, to boy with arms raised. Boy on left isn't important except as a visual stop and border. Id brighten the red tip on the envelope he's holding and maybe put a red tassel on his hat so eye stops after running down houses. Or strengthening saturation/values in his face might do the same. Overall awesome composition and nice color. Hope this helps...

J Perrault said...

I meant boy on right is visual stop etc. sorry.