Mar 12, 2010

New Studio Kitten

Today was to be a quiet relaxing day, and then when Brian got home we decided (last night) to go out to shelters and find our next kitty.  Little did I know what the day had in store. 

Candace gave me a call to go out to lunch.  As I was getting ready I thought she might like to go look at kitties...just to browse what was out there before Brian and I went.  So we had lunch then headed over to the Animal Rescue League's (ARL) west branch.  Very little was there...a 10 month old was their youngest.  Without much twisting of the arm Candace and I then decided to go to the ARL main shelter near Ankeny. 

As we stepped in to the cat quarters the first lovely was this little lady to the right.  She is six months old and the previous owner named her "Tiger".  Uh huh, that wasn't going to stick in our home.  But she wasn't ours yet.  We looked at all of the many others, so CUTE, but when asked who I wanted to see, it was her.  She snuggled right with me and seemed to have no nervousness nor fear of me whatsoever.  A good quality. 

After texting Brian, arranging them holding her for us until Brian got off of work, getting there, etc. etc. etc., we brought her home.  I have an AMAZING husband who in such a short time would make and allow such a commitment with our lives and money.  It wasn't my intention to get another cat from the ARL (where Madie is from), but it just happened.  It wasn't my intent to pick a kitty without Brian, but it just happened.  He liked her when he met her and made it simple.  He just said "Let's do it!" with enough certainty that I knew we were all good.  Even buying everything we needed, he said "I rather LIVE then worry about money."  Did I mention I love my husband?!

So here she is, now sitting on my lap as I type (minutes ago trying to type with me), finally starting to settle down after a long night of transporting, being held, and playing...oh the amount of playing!

She is separate from the rest of the apartment, and away from Madie except through the base of the studio door.  Yes, I'm crazy for having her "safe room" my studio, but Madie rules the rest of the apartment and spends the least amount of time here.  I'm not worried tho, whatever Talor, that's her name, decides to rip, break, or chew, it's nothing too precious.  Those things are put away.

Let me introduce the newest, youngest, member of our family and the new studio kitten...Talor.  :)


Candace Trew Camling said...

She looks awesome with her new collar. She is going to be wonderful!

Julia said...

She is so cute =)

Ginger*:) said...

She is lovely. I hope you post more of her adventures and let us all know how she is getting along. What a wonderful life she will have *:)

Meredith said...

Aaaaw, she looks like my kitty too! MIne was 7 months ago when I got her and about the same size and yours.

calamity afoot said...

so adorable! I'm sure she will be a great drawing subject too!

Elena said...

awwww, she's really cute! I hope she let's you do your work, my pets sure don't!