Sep 1, 2010

Cover Art in Progress

So I mentioned to those who are part of my mailing list that I am working on a cover illustration.  The book is being self published through Amazon.  The author and I are very excited!

It's a large illustration that will be a wrap cover (left part on back, right part on front of book).

I've applied a few application techniques taken from Stephanie Law's book when it came to the environment.  I always have a hard time explaining bushes and leaves in my paintings.  Her technique shined some light on ways I can problem solve it.

My hope is to have it done this week, so I'll post the finished illustration once I'm done!  Can't wait!

*NOTE: Brian and I went horseback riding for our one year anniversary, which has helped me place myself more in the elves' shoes. Pretty nifty.


christine grove said...

Truly amazing! Can't wait to see the finish.

Sab said...

It will be a wonderfull illustration, this is seen.^_^

yaamas said...

This is gonna be a beauty, Sara. Best wishes with your new book and congrats on your one year anniversary.

Leen Christens said...

Fantastic work!! It already looks amazing