Sep 29, 2010

New Series

A‧N‧G‧E‧L  #1

photo reference from Tracie76Stock on deviantART

Focus of the series is to create an angel for every time of the day. Angel must not be older than 15 years of age, is female (which I know I know, kinda against what I believe....girl angels don't exist, but these are children so I'm making an exception), and each has an animal that goes with that time.

Now, this one is currently titled Twilight. But should her name be Midnight? Because that's the time of day she is, tho Twilight sounds cooler.

So here's the poll (answer in comments):
Should her name be...

☽Twilight or ❍Midnight?

For those are the times of day and animals that are to come.
Dawn w/ robins
Noon w/squirrels and chipmunks 
Dusk w/rabbit
Midnight w/barn owl


k.h.whitaker said...

hmmm, I like Twilight, your right, it just sounds better to me, it's lovely by the way, can't wait to see the rest

Teresa said...

I love it Sara, I think Twilight too!
when are you showing the others?
Teresa x

Skinsleuth said...

I vote for Twilight. Awesome work, Sara. :)