Mar 23, 2011

Reception Overview

Friday night was a blast! It was way beyond my expectations.

Setting up with mom we discovered that Lotus Moments Event Center had tons to offer. We knew the space was fantastic, but had no idea Renatta had an basement full of items to help decorate. She was so willing to help and let us use whatever we needed.

Many people showed up to share in the night. I enjoyed every single conversation I had, and saw some old friends from long ago come in support. I was above cloud nine! But leading up to it I was nervous.

My mom was a huge help that day, cutting cheese, helping arrange everything, and setting up the food table. We got the sound working, put on my play list, and gathered some items to make it all feel complete.

As I was walking around helping, I realized why I was so nervous. The music finally told me. I felt very exposed. Not only was my work on the originals...but the music playing was the same music I listen to as I work. In the privacy of my studio.

In the past when I have shared the music I have gotten some negative or "not so sure" responses. With all of this combined I was a wreck inside. How was I to speak? How do I explain where everything comes from? What if they find this weird? Or what if they get turned off? What if...what if...what if.

After a brief pep talk with my mom, and people starting to come in the door...thankfully I just couldn't think about it anymore. I was too happy to see friends and family. To have them there first really put me at ease.

Then the first sale happened. O.M.G! And they were ladies I did not know. How exciting and nerve wrecking all at once. But God was in control. Oh how happy I was to know He was in control! After that..before I could turn around the business aspect just took off. I was floored!

As my brother in law put it best "The people want more". I had no IDEA that there was such an interest in purchasing my originals. I sell stickers, postcards, prints, and the like. What seems forever I have felt this is where my work belonged. I didn't know that people would be so willing to invest in my original work.

(Note: believe it or not, there are 34 pieces hanging in this space. The center section of the center is the only place nothing is hung because of dancing)

Honestly, to see my work all framed, up on a wall, and people coming just to see it was surreal. I can't wait to do it again!

The above picture is of my dad and I. Unfortunately I did not get any photos of my mom, sister, or husband with me. Yet my dad, through God, is where I get my abilities. He too is an artist and art teacher. Because of his support and nurturing of my gift, along with my family, I have become the artist I am today. A proud moment for both of us, to see this realized.

And one for my mom, who gets to sit back and watch it all bloom. :)


Carmen Medlin said...

Aww, congrats Sara!! Sounds like it was a big hit! You deserve it. :) I know what you mean about music... I have such odd taste in it myself pretty much only my brother likes the same stuff. Yet, it is what inspires. Kudos to you for being brave and sharing it.
I know I sure feel honored to have a beautiful original of yours, you bet the public wants more!

Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

Wow, that sounds amazing! Congratulations!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, it sounds like it went well! :)