Oct 18, 2011

The Untitled Mermaid

She emerges...

There's something emerging in my work lately, something very raw and real to me. When I place together "Midnight Warrior" and this piece, I see sister souls, or female figures demonstrating the same heart.

And there's something else too. How I'm beginning to portray them. What I add, the attention to portrait, bolder colors. I am taken back to my past when I used to draw tattooed mermaids and fairies painted in dark colors.

Yet this time it's different. This time they are strong, confident, and filled with a breath that when exhaled speaks "Warrior."

These small yet powerful paintings are reflecting the amazing Spirit within me, to share the empowerment the King wishes to bestow upon His daughters, the empowerment and strength we hold as princesses and heirs to His Kingdom.

These images are portraying the Warrior Princess. Aye, we are.

Want to help me title her? Visit HERE and read how you can join in the giveaway!
- Print and Original painting will be listed on Etsy November 1st.

Watercolor 6x4 inches  -  Title TBA on November 1st.
 PS: If you look closely to the detail image you'll see sparkling around the eyes. That is for you Natalie, my dear friend and sister in Christ. Luv ya!


Anonymous said...

Amazing work!!!! I just love your arts!!! They are so dream-like,and such detail to look at!!! Just simple love it!!! ^____^

goudenregen said...

Very beautiful. A real mermaid and that without the tail!

Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

You're pretty amazing. So glad I found your blog!

Natalie Groves said...
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Natalie Groves said...

A warrior mermaid! You are brilliant. She is the defender of the depths. I love her vibrancy. I wonder what she sees and what she is thinking.... Thank you for the sparkles :)

Anonymous said...

So so gorgeous :) And creative! My sister, who's birthday is in november, was happy to see something a little different (and ocean-y, her favorite) this month :D
I also love to hear about how your art/Christian life develops and merges into these beautiful paintings. How exciting!

Shaylynn said...

Oh my goodness... this is so gorgeous it almost took my breath away. I love it. ^_^