Nov 9, 2011

Do you Braid?

Those who know me well...
know I always have a braid somewhere on my head. And if I don't, they know to look for my cross.

Braids have always been part of hair fashion and care don't think I need to research to say hundreds and hundreds of years!

To me they are a symbol of strength.
  •  Tribal women from all over the world braid their hair. In movies we see women of strength braid their hair to hold it back...while still keeping the length (something very magical about a woman with long hair). The braids represent a warrior.
A symbol of womanhood.
  • What is the timeless admiration of long hair? In art women with long hair is much more common than that of women with shorter locks. I believe it was even a representation of a woman's character or status. Today probably not so comes down to more of a fashion statement, but in my romantic mind I think it was much more hundreds of years ago.
A symbol of royalty.
  • As I read through numerous fairytales and stories as a little girl, I rarely saw any princess or queen with short hair. Let alone hair without some hint of braiding. The waves from a braid during sleep, a braided crown, braided hoops, etc. 
And a symbol of commitment.
  • One I am learning. It takes care and commitment to your health and care to have long hair. It breaks, it tangles, it pulls while you sleep, and it even gets caught in your armpits and pulls from there on some occasions. Being around small must always be up! And you don't want to wash it every day. What to do with that oily hair?! 
Do you braid your hair? Are you a WARRIOR PRINCESS? 

I braid it every day as my commitment to the Lord. I don't always want to wear my cross necklace, and I don't wish to yell out and voice every day that I'M CHRISTIAN. Instead, I want to live it out and have that be the focus. The braids, and the process of braiding is meditation for me to remember who I am in Christ.

I am beautiful, I have a purpose, I am loved, I am strong through the strength He gives me through His Spirit, and I am an heir to the Kingdom.

Go to my Facebook page and post a picture of your braids. If you don't know how to braid, do what I did: YouTube how to braid. By golly, you'll learn a lot fast!


Naviana said...

I really liked this post... Have been thinking about braids many times, trying to figure out why I love them so much, why the shape of them feels so attracting :) I do most of the time wear some kind of braids myself.
And I just have to say that I love your blog and your art... a lot!

roberto M. said...

Hi Sara, the braids may also be a representation of love between Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Who can tell?

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Mirriam said...

I'm going to go braid my hair. I've been a braider ever since I was little; my hair is much shorter now, but I'm going to give it a whirl!
~ Mirriam