Jan 12, 2012

Have You Ever...

Have one of those days? 

I had my jump drive in my purse...at least I thought I did until I got to my sister-in-law's and discovered I don't. So that means no update on the Bible series until tonight. Sorry folks. But it's just one of those days that you have to go with it and not plan further ahead than the next moment. Though, I am learning that is probably the best way to live. Another wonderful opportunity to learn and grow from. :)

So I'm here, watching my wee lil niece nap away, thinking to myself what can I blog about? 

I want to share a few things I've discovered recently online from other artists. soap box → I think we as a community should support, share, and help one another on our path to becoming successful and great artists. There will always be competition, but it can be a healthy and pleasant one. Just my view.

"Peter Pan & Tinkerbell"

James Browne is having a sale today!
The Sale: FREE "Peter Pan & Tinkerbell" 8x10 print with any purchase from the Brownieman Shoppe on Etsy!!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/brownieman

Today only and be sure to mention you saw this freebee on Facebook! So go there and follow then visit his shop! http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-World-of-James-Browne

Stephanie Law's New Technique 
I found her blog - http://shadowscapes-stephanielaw.blogspot.com/ - which I'm kind of embarrassed it took me that long, and I was thrilled to see such beautiful imagery AND a new experiment (well, it's from September...). Her work has always fascinated me and pushes me to be a stronger artist in how I layout my compositions and use light.

She has started to use fixative spray on her paintings to build up the color and layers. I find this genius and must try it sometime soon. I think she's really onto something here and would love to hear if anyone else gives it a try. Here's the discovery in progress - http://shadowscapes-stephanielaw.blogspot.com/2011/09/experimenting-with-fixative-layers.html

Also don't skip her most recent work, "Wind Machine". It's stunning and you can read about the process/progress on her blog too!

SCBWI Tomie dePaola Award Contest 

Two of my closest friends, Candace Camling and Natalie Groves, entered this contest and I wanted to share the entries. The winner has been announced, but it's inspiring and motivating to see all of the entries! Please visit this link, take a glace, and see if you can't find their illustrations. Also, please visit their blogs. They're both beautiful illustrators for children's books! Can't get enough. :)

Candace Camling

Natalie Groves

Be sure to come back tonight or in another oh....say 8 hours. I'll have a progress report on my Bible series! Till then, ciao!

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Ashley Letizia said...

Sarah, I just want to tell you what a pleasure it is reading your blog. I am so looking forward to seeing more work from your Bible series (I think your idea is wonderful) and I also love the two artists you featured today. (I just discovered Stephanie Law's blog recently myself). You are an amazing artist! God bless you.