Jan 10, 2012

Six Month Mark

I'm so excited!
And I just had to share! Last night I finished February and that marks the sixth month. I'm halfway through the series. Wow! Keep pushin' me everyone, it's helping to keep me motivated.
"Iris" on Etsy
Here they all are together, sooooo cool to see them together (well, for me ^_^). I can't wait to have all 12 done! February was just listed on Etsy too. I'm thinking bookmarks, anyone? ;)

Tell me, what would you like to see these images used for? The idea was for birthdays but I feel maybe that's too over done? Of course, I like celebrating birthdays, so maybe I'm just old fashioned. I'm open to ideas!


Cari said...

They are gorgeous! Keep going! :>)

roberto M. said...

As always: Beautiful!!