Feb 9, 2012

Week Three in Watercolor

Now that some ground work has been laid out it's finally time to start an actual project for the class. I have learned much in just a few weeks and it's time to get rid of fear and just jump.

All morning Tuesday I looked through many old vintage nude photos and I'm addicted. As bad as that sounds, they're gorgeous and full of great lighting. I look forward to creating from the images I found, and more. They truly inspire me. I searched mainly through DeviantArt.com.

My piece is taken from one of the photos, and like much of everything else, this project meshes with my desire to do stories from the Bible. I spend A LOT of time on Rahab, but I'm beginning to wonder if I over thought it. Who knows where its' going to go, but this could be it. Not as grand, but the emotion is there.

Sometimes I wonder if it's best to just create and plan little. Life is like this...you don't know what the next moment will bring you, so just be. :)

The challenge and advice that Melinda gave was to use a warm color palette for the skin instead of my traditional cool tones. This is to give me a more well rounded understanding of skin tones, and to become more comfortable using tones I may not adore but are definitely necessary....especially for Biblical figures!

What's even more great is I already had some magazine tear outs in my reference files for the warmer tones. National Geographic is a great source for reference. Always!

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