Feb 2, 2012

Week Two in Watercolor

There's some progress going on, and I'm a bit excited about it!

In class this week Melinda handed me a folder full of figurative artwork and told me to find 15 I love and 15 I hated....all based on color. Then I had to narrow it down to 5 love and 5 hate.

This was hard! Try it, I dare you. I'm attracted to almost all figurative art, so to look at a piece and determine whether I love or hate it based on color....ugh, let's just say it took time.

I returned to the room and we talked. She then took one from the hate pile (because I kept pointing to it and using it as an example) and told me that I was to draw it (no prob) then paint it in the color palette that I loved (found in the 5 loved pieces).

Before I go further I must say I had no idea how much I adored cooler skin tones. I always thought I liked the warmer, but when looking at the ones I loved they all had a lot of blues and purples. This is very helpful knowledge!

Back to the assignment. I did as she asked.

She also insisted that I use an odd ball color mixed in with the palette I chose. My odd ball was a mix between Quinacridone Rose (q.rose) and Phthalo Blue as my "red".

Red: Daniel Smith Quinacridone Rose mixed with Daniel Smith Phthalo Blue GS
Yellow: Winsor & Newton Aureolin
Blue: Winsor & Newton Indigo
Added Warm: Winsor & Newton Rose Doré

I'm pretty pleased, tho I know I could push my shadows more. That is my largest fear I think right now....shadows becoming mud. o.O

Missed Week 1? Here ya go: http://warriorprincessdream.blogspot.com/2012/01/week-one-in-watercolor.html

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Kim Vanlandingham said...

You should be please! She's beautifully done!