Aug 2, 2012


Ever since opening up the shop Dreamy Doodles my business side of life has been non stop freeway action.

Although I don't see the rewards in the work yet, I know the wheels are moving and I'm heading towards a horizon line filled with hopes and possibilities.

WIP for licensing fine art "Harvest"
Unfortunately when you give more to something, another has to sacrifice. For me, it's the blog and house chores. :P I hate washing dishes. I really do.

The best place to find any updates on me nowadays is on Facebook because of it's convenience. Or you can email me a shout out of HELLO and I'll most likely respond because you cared to.

My time has been used gathering an agent, producing work for licensing, custom portraiture for amazing customers from Dreamy Doodles, and still making time to paint fantasy. This is the biggest adjustment thus fantasy art.

Although you see fantasy many places in the merchandising market, it is sad to say with this economy it's a gamble for these companies to sign on too much fantasy.

Surprisingly, I was okay with this. I love my doodles and more graphic work. But this means I need to build up that portfolio.

"Cardinal Fairy" WIP personal series

My fantasy art has become, more or less, my personal art. Granted, it is still being used by many licensors and will be given to my agent nonetheless. :) Not giving up that quickly.

It's time to roll up my sleeves and work my toosh off, committing myself as an artist to a profession. Licensing / Commission art is it for me, and it's a BIG mountain.

As a disciple I am called to sacrifice, and I haven't. My time is precious to me...and for what reason but to sit and stare?! Filling my life with work is a change that I struggle with but find so rewarding! This is a good sacrifice. :)

God's got a plan, and although right now I'm frustrated with where it's at, tired of being patient, and looking for some kind of relief in the load called "life", I will clench my nails into the ground and stay here, trusting in Him.


Holly Durr Art said...

it's true licensing agencies shy away from fantasy. They feel it's not marketable. I agree with all you said.

Tammie Lee said...

wishing you the success that you desire. lovely paintings!

Anonymous said...

Dishes are my LEAST favorite household chore. I feel your pain on that one.

I think it's amazing how devoted to art you are and I hope it all works out for you. Just please always paint your fairies and angels and mermaids (particularly the fairies, they are my favorite!) cause I'd be heartbroken if we stopped seeing your amazing creations of fantasy.

The new painting is looking lovely so far!

I have grand plans to order a collection of your prints as my Christmas present to myself this year. :)

Take care!

Armande said...

charming !!!