Jan 16, 2015

Love thy Studio + The Daily Sketch

A sink full of dirty half rinsed dishes; toys and paper scattered waiting for a foot to stomp on them; cluttered dining room table ranging from a stuffed bunny to a lint roller; laundry decorating our couch and our bedroom dresser; and shoes beckoning to be tripped over at the front door.

This is my house, most every day. It makes me feel squished, with no room to move without knocking something over or stepping onto something. I'm clumsy and that always means I will stub my toe, ram my elbow, slam my hand, or bang my knee. It's crazy how many nicks and bruises I get.

Yet, I look to my right and I see sun light beaming in from the windows in my studio.
An immediate "ahhh" relaxes my mind and all is right again.

If this winter has taught me anything, it's that my studio truly is my place of solitude. 

I used to tell people it was because I think artists are supposed to say that. It's expected of us to love our studio, a place where the creation happens, a place filled with things that inspire. Mine has been in a constant state of change since I moved away from home to college back in 2000.

When we moved into this house I was so excited to have a space I could settle in and not worry for a long time. I didn't expect it to be so cumbersome.

My studio has poor insulation, so during the hot Iowa summers and freezing Iowa winters, it's very uncomfortable at different times of the day. I've had to continuously change my schedule to fit. I've had to move everything constantly so that Brian could get to the windows for more insulation, or to add carpet scraps, or or or. And I know more is coming.

But this week, with all of the sun, regardless of the temp, my studio has been bright, warm, inviting, and mine. No more moving clutter to work on the dining room table, no more stepping on stuff when I get up to grab something I need, none of that. I feel whole.

I will bundle up, buy another mini heater for my toes, I will put a fan on my face and wear ice cubes, whatever it takes. I love my studio!

The icing on the cake? My daughter being able to spend time in the studio with me. That's what I've envisioned for a long time, my hope, my joy today. She makes the studio brighter with her smile, her giggle, and her curiosity. Bringing out the crayola crayons doesn't hurt either.

There is one other place in my entire house that I find peaceful and full of light. The only other place in the house that is always filled with the light rays, and that is our bathroom. It's silly, but when we moved in it was our first project, and it set the tone for the whole house (what we dream). It's full of birds. :)

It's so easy for me to be distracted by all the chores, they pull me away from my work and drain my creativity. Yet, last night, I didn't let it get to me. Here are this week's Daily Sketches and joys, #10, #11, and #12.


Kristin said...

Lovely, lovely sketches this week!

Your studio seems like a marvelous place - I always enjoy seeing peeks into artists' creative spaces.

When we moved several years ago, I ended up leaving behind an almost ideal studio (with a laundry sink installed, I would've been set) - an unfinished room in our house that was bright & perfect for paint splatters (though trading that for farmlife and the woods was just fine by me!)...in our current house, I've been struggling to get my studio to evolve to the point of feeling like my own little oasis. It's a smallish room that also doubles as a guestroom, so print-making, hardware installation, etc. happens on the big soft "desk" of the guestbed, and I paint on an easel in the corner. When we do have friends & family stay from out of town, I'm always bustling around trying to get the studio cleaned up for them. I focus on the gratitude for having loved ones staying with us, but trying to clean up art explosions can be tedious! I fantasize about someday having a separate studio that can stay as-is and not share space.

"It's so easy for me to be distracted by all the chores, they pull me away from my work and drain my creativity."

So true!! I had big goals of starting a large canvas yesterday, only to be constantly pulled back by little chores...paying bills, cleaning, etc. Once I get in that mind-set, it's hard to jump out of it into the creative world.

Thanks for sharing that space! (And your bathroom is super cute, too - coincidentally, our guest bathroom has birds everywhere as well).

Meredith said...

My studio also gets hardly any heat. It just doesn't get up to the top floor very well. I have to wrap myself in blankets, fingerless gloves and put a heater on the desk.

Kaz said...

Love your daily sketches! I have your book now and it fantastic! Please upload more videos! x