Jul 19, 2006

"Blue Eyes" - A Tutorial Project

I thought while I did this piece I would show you my process from beginning to end.

This piece has been in my mind for some time now. With the day being a hard one, I figured it was a sign that it was time to bring this to paper. During the weeks I usually stay here in Des Moines while Sterling lives in Grimes (about 20mins away). With gas prices so high, we don't see eachother much throughout the week. Missing him greatly also brings this piece to paper. Sorry babe, but you're gonna get posted. ;)

Finding the References

I usually search through my many folders of cut outs, magazines, and prints to find the posture or objects I wish to include. For this piece I printed out an image I found that sparked the idea a long time ago.

After I got the idea I went to Sterling and asked him to pose. Since I wanted this piece to be about him and how I saw his heart and strength, it only made sense to have him as my reference for the pose. The teddy bear is an obvious choice for baby holding. ;)

The Sketch

Then I sketch the first part, the figure, out on tissue paper. I find tissue paper very easy to work with and it makes transfering simple and clean.

To be continued...

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