Jul 4, 2006

Who is the warrior princess?

The Warrior Princess is I. I know, it sounds like a pretty high title for such a small creature like me. But let me explain. My name is Sara, which in translation means "princess", while at the same time, since that is the translation, I am a princess, the daughter of God. And since I am a daughter of God, I am also a warrior in God's army. I defend the love, the inheritance, and proclaim the good news. The dream? Well the Dream is my imagination...my story, how I see the world, myself, and God.

Here you will find project updates of my work, tutorials, my processes, my stories through paintings, and hopefully more down the road.

Up above is a painting I did recently. Simply put; my boyfriend and partner in crime, Sterling, is also a warrior of God. He is a soldier in the Iowa National Guard, so to me, he's every prince, ranger, knight, and hero imaginable. So in the painting he is the renegade warrior rescuing the faery princess...me.

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