Jul 16, 2006

Help Us Help African Children!

Sterling and I are wishing to join our church's mission, Point of Grace, in helping the thousands of homeless children in South African learn about AIDS/HIV, provide food, shelter, health care, and education. It is out church's mission to send groups there to help build the health center, housing, and school. We so greatly feel a need to join and help!!! Below is more information provided from Point of Grace's website.

We need help raising money to go. Sterling knows carpentry, frame work, and everything under the sun. I hope to paint, help educate where I can, and hopefully use my illustration skills in murals. With helping us, you will be helping children who need ALL of our help!!

As a thank you, if you donate $20 or more you will receive an open edition from dreamflierstudios.com of your choice. Also, no matter how much you donate you will receive a handmade thank you from both of us and a certificate noting your help in the fight.

10.8% of population living with HIV/AIDS in 2005: 5.2 million
New infections 2004 – 2005: 530,000
Deaths from AIDS 2004 – 2005: 340,000
Untreated in need of antiretroviral treatment: 520,000
Deaths due to AIDS since 2002: 1.5 million
To be infected by 2010: 5.8 millio

No ONE person can make a difference in the lives of millions but you can make the difference in the life of ONE. For a decade we’ve prayed for our unique role in international outreach. God has now answered ...

The Pines Christian Village
The Pines Christian Village is a compassionate Christian solution to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the city of Welkom, South Africa.

They offer:

A flagship resource center for HIV / AIDS intervention
A holistic system of coordinated care and prevention for HIV / AIDS infected and affected children and adults
An educational center to prepare the next generation of leaders
A center for church planting

Brian and Lois Niehoff are the directors of The Pines. Brian is a building contractor and Lois is a registered nurse. Brian will lead the building upgrades and all facility management. Lois will develop the clinic, provide all front line medical care, as well as superviseand train the house mothers who will live with and care for the children with HIV/AIDS.

Click here to read more information and to see a video broadcasted on FOX.

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Hey my name is amari And my email adress is adshon10@hotmail.com and im almost11 but i really want to help you