Jun 9, 2007

New Look

Ya know me, I like to tinker with the look and feel of things. :P So here's the new blog. It has moved to blog spot because I got tired of trying to figure out all of the code and blog spot offered a simpler way of customizing. :) So I hope you like the look and I hope *still* to keep updating.

I've been inspired by a fellow artist and Christian, James Browne, by his painting a day routine on his blog. Although it is difficult for me to find the time for a painting a day I am going to challenge myself to do a drawing a day, specifically from observation (although it may not be from observation). I feel a need to go back to basics.

Oh and the question marks to the right, yeah, they confused me too (unless you know this template or if you've seen other blogs with this same thing), but if you click the ? you'll get a more detailed list of posts. :) Not too bad.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ho my !
I didn't get the new adress, and was still trying to see news on the old one since the end of may !
I was desperated to see anything new coming...
I'm so pleased to have visited (again) your site, and click on "blog" !

Signed : one of your fans !