Jan 1, 2008

Beautiful Challenge


Yes, yes, I know I'm like, WAY late on the Christmas cheer but thats okay. :) I sincerely hope everyone had many blessings, lots of love, and great cheer on Jesus' birthday. I know I did, although it was very different this year. Grandmother has passed on to her Prince and my sister is growing up and staring her own traditions with the love of her life Jacob. But we made it through with lots of laughs, tears, and great presents (Revere pots n' pans baby! And sharp knife set!) Oh my kitchen is even more wonderful to cook in!

Christmas day was astounding weather wise. Good amount of snow on the ground, but in the upper 50s, incredible! Since my family parted ways around noon I knew the Lord's day couldn't be wasted entirely inside. So I went out and made a snowman. A.T. got personal with the feminine snow princess when she got up on her hind legs and placed her front paws on the snow woman's shoulders. Very cute!

Another blessing recently is my internet connection has been sped up to where I'm now with the rest of the majority and have a wonderful 500GB external hard drive...thanks dad. :)

But onto other things. God has been challenging me since November on all accounts of my life. Being a daughter of Eve, and a daughter of the Almighty King Most High. My relationship with Christ has been full of punches (me to Him), resistance, surrender, and embraced comfort. Even within the "zone" I've been in lately (sleeping, reading, confessing, arguing, sleeping, eating, reading, etc.), He has kept my hand steady and has given me more commission work. Thank you to everyone how are repeat customers, and thank you to the new members of the commission gallery family (updating that is next on the list). I am so grateful for all of the work and opportunities I receive through working with others so personally.

A new commission has been on the works for a couple of weeks now and with lots of research and rearranging the sketch has finally come to a closer end. Although not finalized, it is near. As with all pieces (doing something different) this time there are three sheets of tracing paper involved. The first is the main character and sub characters. Second is the light source (which happens to be a character in transformation). And third is the environment. Painting this baby is going to be some work, but I'm very excited.

Did you know that "The Swan Princess" derives from "Swan Lake"? Maybe I was the only one that didn't know that, but I thought it was so interesting. Unfortunately in Swan Lake the lovers die (but go to Heaven). I was commissioned to construct the scene in The Swan Princess where she transforms from the lovely swan to the beautiful princess. The size is 11 x 14.

Like I said, VERY excited, I wasn't in love with this piece when I started...(sketch above), but now I am! Oh boy...Lord be with me! ;)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sara,
* I wish you a very happy new year too.
All I hope for you is happiness, and you deserve it so much, as you are a beautiful person.
* In France (well, in my area), we didn't get any snow.
A.T. didn't mind the coldness (is that an english word ?) of the snow ?
Cats usually looooove the heat !
* I am not surprise that you received a lot of commission gallery...
Didn't I tell you that you will be more and more asked ?
I can even tell that it will continue... :)
Take care.

Dawn Obrecht said...


I hope 2008 is WONDERFUL for you!!! I'm glad you had a great Christmas too!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sara,
it has been a long time since I have some news of you.
I think you must be very busy...
I hope only that everything is fine :)
Take care :)