Feb 12, 2009

Facebook & ImageKind

Today has been a day glued to the computer screen every chance I get. I have been updating my facebook and imagekind accounts. Let's first start with imagekind.

I have gone through and added a frame and mat to each print using colors I feel best fits the piece. This takes a lot of the guess work out for customers. Yet, in the back of my mind I know my tastes are very different than most of the general public. :P But I have done my best. I love this feature because it allows you to see how the whole thing will work out, whether you purchase the print with or without the mat and frame.

I have debated about taking off the image's information so that the mat/frame can come to the edge of the piece. I'm open to your thoughts on this.

At the top is a piece (of two) that you won't find on my site, nor on ArtWanted or DeviantArt. These two pieces were created in response to my grandmother's death in January 2007. The butterflies are a species that she admired, the painted lady. I created this one specifically for my sister. We both now have tattoos that I designed on our shoulder blades, also in remembrance of her. My grandmother was very involved with our lives, and was the only grandparent I came to have a close relationship with. My other grandmother and grandfathers lived out of state. The second piece you'll find in the gallery is titled "A Lily for Lucy". One of my grandmother's favorite flowers was the calla lily. This was a personal piece.

I wanted to share these paintings with you and everyone else, not only because I personally loved the process and subject matter, but because I wanted to share a part of my life that meant, and still means, a lot to me.

As for Facebook, if you're on there, you can now follow my blog through NetworkedBlogs: http://apps.new.facebook.com/blognetworks/blog/warrior_princess_dream/

You can also become a fan of my work on Facebook by searching for my Page. Just type in my full name and you should find it. Not exactly sure how that works, but I have no doubt it's findable. :)

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Dawn Obrecht said...

I'm glad you got all this to work out and that you can offer prints again!!

*HUGS* I friended you on facebook!!