Feb 7, 2009

Prints! Prints! Prints!

May I say it again, I have prints! Low and behold, I was able to use ImageKind after all. I thought I couldn't. Bah! Not so!

I have 18 images up to order, and whats so great about ImageKind is you have a lot of control over what you're purchasing. Prints (about 8x10) start at $14.49, but the size goes as large as the file will allow. You can frame, mat, place the image on canvas, and so many more things that I could never provide myself. They handle all of the shipping and printing, and have a great reputation. And in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I have six(6) pieces relating to love available. So please visit my gallery at:


Another great feature are the greeting cards. You have control as to where the image is cropped, and no need about my information, for on the back they place a copyright and a link to my gallery. How cool is that?

One last special note, there are two pieces in the gallery titled "A Lily for Lucy" and "Painted Ladies". These pieces are mixed media and unlike anything else I've created. There are a total of 5 paintings created in this process, and two are available for purchase.


Anonymous said...

You have some fantastic prints on offer there, and I'd never heard of Imagekind before except the affiliate program, so cheers for that...I'm off to upload to my brand new Imagekind store.

Anonymous said...

Sara I cannot believe how much you have grown as an artist. I am going to order Tessah some prints because she is totally into all this. Do you do any personal items? Just wondering. Great job! I am totally impressed!

Lacy Smith