Apr 11, 2009

New Fine Art

So I created this painting today, and thought...wow...why am I not doing more of these?! They are simple and quick, and a wonderful break from the figurative work I do. I have always enjoyed painting flowers and foliage, but usually do during teaching (I have so many paintings in a folder at work that haven't seen the light of day).

So I decided to start pulling them out and showing them off. I created a new Etsy shop under "Sara Burrier", my soon to be married name. On this shop I will post all work "fine art". I have a few pieces that aren't fantasy or children's book illustration, but more experimental. I hope to have a website following too.

I'm still trying to figure out how to make the transaction from Butcher to Burrier for my illustration biz, but I figured this is a start. :)

So please keep Sara Burrier - Fine Watercolor on your list for updates. God bless!



Dawn Obrecht said...

What a wonderful idea and a lovely painting Sara!! ^^

Kati Potratz said...

I like it.

Christy Croll said...

It is very lovely, Sara. :) You should paint your wedding invitations. :)

Tanja said...

You could always go with "Sara B." :)

Plus, you could design a type of bee character to brand some part of your studio, whether it's the Etsy stuff or your childrens book illustrations.

Just a thought!

Sara Burrier said...

Thank you Tanja for such great advice, I'll totally consider it! :D