May 14, 2009

IF Parade - Sketch

Forest Parade | graphite sketch

Yay! I have something to show! Well...okay, I have other things I could show, but I'm really excited about this piece for two reasons. One, it's an Illustration Friday piece (been awhile), and two, it's all about children's book illustration! When I did "The Talisman" I had children's book in mind, but didn't get what I wanted out of it. I didn't know how much time it would take to paint it if I started submitting the more elegant style. This piece I plan on applying the same techniques and detail, but gonna time myself finally.

I love this piece, it's fun, enjoyable to draw, and cute (of course :P). Can't wait to paint it. Oh man...gotta focus on actual work, gonna be so hard!

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Aja said...

This is so lovely!