Jul 13, 2009

In Print

I'm excited to announce that I've been in print twice in the last month or so. Twice! It's as exciting as finishing my first children's book really. The first was a publication titled "MindFlights" (www.mindflights.com). I had submitted my piece "Quiet Time" for their online magazine and it went through to being the cover of their printed publication!

The magazine/book is full of fantasy and sci-fi stories that all come from a Christian stand point or foundation. "Quiet Time" is a perfect piece for this because it's a mermaid reading scripture. I was way thrilled when they told me that the piece was selected. Even more excited when I got the book!

Second I submitted some work to SCBWI (www.scbwi.org). This wasn't the first time, but carefully, and skillfully (hehehe) hand picked some pieces that had to do with letters, writing, and kites. Two of the three I submitted a few months ago reached print in the SCBWI Bulletin for July/August! That made me feel really great about my work and honored. All members of SCBWI receive this bulletin. A great confidence booster!

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Carmen Medlin said...

Wow! Sara!! That's pretty exciting, I am proud of you. :) SCBWI even!