Oct 16, 2009

Attack of the Cold!

It's that time of year every body! Yay!!!! Cold season!!! Not to mention flu season. Boy, has the cold really taken over this time. First my mom, then my sister, then our friend Liz, then our friend Erica, then me, then, then, then....it never ends. Thankfully Brian has not caught it being around me. He puts on the vitamin C armor along with bananas and all other vitamins. He's definitely a soldier when it comes to cold defense. I was doing the same (not the bananas), but still got it. Not too terribly bad tho, my mom and sister got hit really hard. By day four I'm feeling pretty great...day four for them? Well, still on the couch sniffling and feeling miserable. :(

Unfortunately when one has a cold, one does not feel like doing anything. That's bad. I have a lot of great things to work on..but had no motivation to do it. Colds give you that whimsy up in the clouds feeling...light headiness. But not everything was in vane. I didn't have the energy to actually paint but I could click a mouse and type little sentences. So I created a Zazzle account. I used to have a cafepress account out there...and if you searched real hard you may still be able to find it. I stopped placing energy into it years ago. The part of Zazzle that interests it me is the customization I am able to do and the products they offer. Like the shoes, I think they're freakin' adorable and awesome!

I'm also spotlighting my Blessed Fairies giving them a copyright, and a logo. Brian just loves them and I created them for licensing specifically. Hopefully by the time I'm finished with creating products they will have their own line of clothing and shoes. :) There are already quite a few products up featuring them.
Check out their little part of my zazzle shop Fairy Blessings©

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