Oct 19, 2009

Something New, Something Old

Let's start with old first. I've been wanting to hone in and focus just on children's book illustration. I recall being directed to just do that...but felt I still had to take control and make enough money to live. Who doesn't? But now with things changing, being married, and re-evaluating my business life, it has been agreed upon to do what I was meant to do in the first place.

So my energies will be placed in networking, zazzle shop, etsy shop (sales of prints and paintings), marketing with mail-outs to publishers, and illustrating. Thats it. Nothing else. I have spent so many years running around doing every little thing possible to make a cent...which um, I don't believe is my true purpose in life as an artist. Plus I truly hope this brings less stress to my business and I'll actually enjoy it to the fullest! Huge thanks to my hubby for all of his support, love, and encouragement.

Something new...I have new products that I created today on my zazzle shop. The purpose of the shop is for women of all ages, especially those between 4-15 years of age. :) So take a peak and see if there isn't something at the shop that would fit the little girl in your life this year for Christmas.

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