Jun 5, 2010

Buy Art, Help the Gulf

"We don't have to feel helpless. We can help. Our small actions together will ripple outward."

Words taken from a fellow illustrator who is trying to make a ripple effect for our gulf that is suffering.  We all know it's happening, the largest oil spill in American history...and it's heading towards some of the most important and beautiful waters!  There is much need for help in clean up, but most importantly to keep the wildlife safe and cleaned off.  Are you going to help?
Here are two very simple ways.  If you're an artist or creative individual and can do something on a 2.5 x 3.5 card, do!  Then visit http://ripplesketches.blogspot.com/ and email Kelly (in her profile) letting her know you have some work to donate.  The money used to buy your work will benefit The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies and/or The International Bird Rescue Research Center.  

The second way to help is to purchase a card for only $10.  THAT'S IT!  For $10 you will be helping these facilities and owning an original piece of artwork.  These are beautiful once matted and framed.  Just visit http://ripplesketches.blogspot.com, look through the work, and contact Kelly.  She makes it real easy...with instructions on the right column of the blog. 

So stop reading my post and act now.  We must work as one to make huge changes.


Matalonga Jorge said...

just love your work. Beautiful watwercolors!

k.h.whitaker said...


Sab said...

just beautiful ! ^_^

Heather said...

This is beautiful. I am off to learn more... so sad about the tragedy in the Gulf.

Ben Hatke said...

Love the new header.

Christina Silverio said...

Just received this card in the mail from you; it is breathtaking! Thank you so very very much! Your work is absolutely amazing and I feel so blessed to own this particular piece especially due to the wonderful cause you created it for. :)
God Bless!

Sunny said...

it's a really beautiful card,Sara!

and thanks for spreading the word, i saw this generous post from you, so i also contributed some cards to Ripple.:)

Sara Burrier said...

That's so awesome Sunny! Thank you for your contribution to Ripple. It's such a big issue and every little bit helps. God bless you!