Jun 15, 2010

Old Prints

Got some old work returning to the surface as prints available on Etsy!  I believe many of them may be already available on my site, but sometimes it feels more secure going through Etsy.  I offer payment through Paypal, Money order, or through Google.

My goal is to upload a couple every day this week...so go see what is up, and keep coming back.  Oh yeah, just ordered some postcard paper.  Those will be available sometime this month too for purchase!  :D


A.A. said...

I'm just curious, how do you do your prints? Do you print them out on your own printer?

Sara Burrier said...

Yes, I print them off of my Epson with DuraBrite inks on Epson paper. It's a great way to make sure they are printed right. :)

A.A. said...

Thanks! :)