Jun 9, 2010

Just Thoughts

No artwork this post, just thoughts.  Sometimes I'm a deep thinker and by chance this will be deep.

Tonight my thoughts are filled with "Who am I, and why am I doing what I do?".  Ever have those thoughts?  Ever think you were born for something greater than the life you are living right now?  That you are destined to stand up against evil and fight?  No?  Yes?  Seriously, ponder this for a moment.  Did you ever think that for at least a moment?

I believe we were and are born for something greater.  Something that we don't understand...something we're blind to.  We have put on goggles as humans so that we may only see what we want to see, and choose not to face the reality.  The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico makes me ponder.  Katrina and Haiti makes me ponder (how we respond to one another), 9 11 makes me ponder, the wars in the east makes me ponder.  What is it about us, humans, that get so pulled from one side to another?  We fight to protect, yet the line is so thin it's almost invisible.

Now, this isn't to start debates, I'm not debater.  I don't educate myself by far well enough to talk politics.  And I don't know much about religion.  I rather spend my time and energy wondering what this world would be like without ignorance, greed, poverty, and pain.  I rather connect spiritually in the Creator and rub my bare feet into the grass.  The hardest part is getting past the pain.  There is no way around the pain here, it is something we must face.  Same with greed, ignorance, poverty, and selfishness.

But what am I doing about it?  What am I doing with the skills God gave me and the grace He delivers every day?  It's a difficult question to take in and swallow...because I know I come up short.  It's days like this I re-evaluate what I am doing with my time.  Am I helping in some way?  Am I getting through to someone with what I create?  Will it change a person's heart?

Just pondering.

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