Jul 22, 2010

WIP - Autumn Rain

I use EBSQ's flower of the month show to usually determine which flower I'm going to do next.  And combined with drawing couples, this is what I have come up with.  I love poppies, but these are unique.  You don't see many pink double petaled poppies here in Iowa.  At least I haven't seen any recently.  Did you know there are blue poppies!?  It was tempting, but I wanted rainy and that's a lot of blue!

First two hours of paint, hope to have it finished today or tomorrow!  :)  There is a general spot I'm not in love with, but hopefully once the poppies get their make over things will be seen differently.

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roberto M. said...

Hello, Sara, great to see how you grow your illustration !!!!.
I searched on Google, but I have not seen blue poppies, I think they are all red.

Sara Burrier said...

Yup, they exist...you just gotta go a few pages on Google before they show up. :)


Teresa said...

Another lovely drawing I can't wait to see the finished painting,you are right Sara there are blue Poppies I think they are called Himalayan Poppies, I am not sure if I have spelt it correctly.

Teresa x

nati said...

The beauty of your illustrations always makes me speechless, Sara! Love it!