Mar 8, 2012

Cobalt Blues

The painting is really starting to come to life as this past week I worked on the background. I don't know about many other artists, but backgrounds are not my strong suit. They make my head hurt if they are anything but grasses, flowers, or sky. Especially a made up architectural one. Next time I might need more a reference photo. :P

The debate Tuesday afternoon was over what color to add to the arches. With much consulting and testing, thank you Candace Camling, I went with the cobalt blue and am very please with how warm it made the piece feel. I didn't anticipate that.

Having the Etsy shop down for a couple of weeks has really been helpful in the studio. I have been able to paint and create new art more frequently (the ultimate goal), and think further on where I want the business to go. This is huge, because like when you're in college, I feel like I am about to make a real career decision.

I had the wonderful pleasure to talk on the phone with my friend Becky Kelly Tuesday and what a treat! I received so much encouragement, affirmation, and insight into the licensing business. I have your normal anxiety and fears, but I know it's a step in the right direction. We never know what tomorrow brings, but this would open up many different opportunities for me.

As a little girl I always envisioned my stuff every where for people to have, affordable and obtainable. Of course, working for Disney was right there too. :) So I have returned to my childhood dream. Next on the list of things to do is to dust off my portfolio, update it, and start finding a rep. And thanks to Becky, I have a couple to start with.

On a random note, Decal Girl has requested pieces more horizontal (format for most of their skins), and this just popped up into my head yesterday afternoon. Keepin it simple, but fun.   

"The Smallest Mermaid"

PRINTER UPDATE: Sent the defected one back, waiting for refund.


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Natalie Groves said...

Rahab is stunning, the cobalt is perfect. Your paintings are improving as you spend so much time in your medium. Its awesome! Love that giant fish!

Unknown said...

Beautiful work but I must say that I adore the giant fish and mermaid and that I soooooo hope you turn it into a complete painting that heads in HAED's direction as it's gorgeous!