Mar 28, 2012


11x18 watercolor
6x10 print available:
Yesterday it came to completion in my watercolor class!
It took longer than usual, and that's not counting the days he sat there on my easel saying "When are you coming back?".

This painting shows my personal journey.

The path ends at the forefront of my life, where my amazingly wonderful and light-filled husband dances, among the sweet smelling roses in full bloom.

But life hasn't always been clear, and hasn't always been sweet.

Ravens used to be how I would visually describe myself (birds), even had a character named Raven who was very depressed, dark, and cold. She lived for a long time, and even took a rendition into one named Lynadia throughout college.

Though as I grew wiser in my identity (the old tree), my life showed more color. This really began to happen when I took a trip to Scotland (mushrooms) and walked through the Highlands (forest).

The dandelion seeds are the things to come, and I am so looking forward to what is to come alongside Brian. I know the Lord has a plan, a brilliant one I can't even paint!

side note: The symbol tattoo on his shoulder (meaning The Lords Instrument) is there in real life, but the circles and spirals are not. The reason I bring this up is yesterday as I painted I decided to add the spirals. Last night Brian said he was thinking of adding spirals. Wha?! No way!


Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

You do really beautiful work. Thanks for sharing!

Whitley said...

This is a truly beautiful piece! It's so inspiring to see that even though I consider you as such an accomplished artist, you are still striving to learn and improve your skills : ) keep up the amazing work and attitude!

D.Shawnte said...

This is truly a beautiful piece of art! It has a nice fantasy feel to it. Nice work :3!

Lotta said...

Hi Sara! This is beautiful! Love the harmoni and feeling of magic! hugs Sandra