Mar 15, 2012

The Red Ribbon

After much pushing and encouraging by my teacher and friend, I got through the brick wall. She is finally finished!

"The Red Ribbon"
The challenge for me, more than the skin, was the background. Architecture, for me, is using the other side of my brain. It's angular, mathematical, and stiff. Gorgeous, but stiff. The figure is the least when drawing.

I did, however, adore researching and looking at all the beautiful patterns, and the patterns are what held my interest, even if just a tiny bit. It is hard for me to see no plant life or anything organic other than Rahab herself. Definitely something different.

I'm curious as to what I'll do next in this class. Still have a few weeks to go. Maybe a troll? ;)

"The Peaceful Troll" - Sketch
My two dearest art friends, Candace and Natalie, both said Monday how they like my Grumpy Troll. After talking for a bit I was inspired to do more. I decided to do one opposite of the grumpy and designed the Peaceful Troll.

He encompasses a lot for me. As most of my work does.

He represents my dad (who has long curly silver hair and is, in my eyes, a strong nature man), Candace's love for squirrels, spring time love, autumn oaks inspired by Natalie, the Celts, and the highlands.

I'm not sold on him sitting quite yet. They are such massive beings that it takes a bit to wrap my head around how they fit into their surroundings.

I am looking forward to this one, even if his pose changes, which it most likely will. :)


Natalie Groves said...

Woah! He is awesome.

D.Shawnte said...

Wow! She's gorgeous! Nice work :).