Nov 26, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

This season I am giving away 12 gifts to 12 winners for Christmas!
Winners will be announced here and on Facebook December 8th.

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The Prizes!
Keep checking back to see what prize the day brings.

1st  Day of Christmas:
A beautifully hand painted "Spring" resin figurine who measures approx. 6 inches high and hand signed on the bottom. 

On top of that, there's an 8x10 inch art print she was base upon included!

Value $35

WINNER: Debbie Grothe

2nd  Day of Christmas:
Custom designed iPhone case with image of choice. I've had Midnight Warrior on mine for months now and it has survived like no other. I constantly drop my phone and this case hasn't even chipped! 

Printed and delivered from

Value $20


3rd  Day of Christmas:
MAGNETS! Whoo! I don't know about you, but in my family the fridge IS the family album! I also have magnets from artists I admire and gain inspiration from on mine. These are huge measuring 3 inches in diameter.

Printed and delivered from Zazzle

Value $8

WINNER: Jenny Faith Mansell

4th  Day of Christmas:
Limited Edition art print of "Red", number 10/150. Double matted in a leather tan with an accenting silver. All set and ready to be framed in an 11x14 frame. She's printed on Ilford Pearl archival paper with some of the best inks on the market. 

Printed in my studio so you can be sure she matches the original.

Value $50

WINNER: Patty O'Brien

5th  Day of Christmas:
Bicycle Playing Cards featuring the art "Quiet Time", my number one best seller! These feel just like your good ol' poker cards, and the color is beautiful! Tempting to keep these for myself I like them so much.

Printed and delivered from Zazzle

Value $20

WINNER: Natalia Brodofsky

6th  Day of Christmas:
An original drawing measuring 5.5 x 7.5 inches. Created using indigo prismacolor pencil (my favorite sketching pencil), prismacolored pencil colors, graphite, and white gel pen. She's a princess of the forest, and is inviting you to share in her love for the world.

Sprayed with a fixative to preserve and prevent the the graphite from smudging. She is drawn on a lovely earth toned cardstock.

Value $80

WINNER: Kimberlee Patton 

7th  Day of Christmas:
One sheet of United States Postal Service approved stamps featuring the painting "A Winter Blessing". There are 20 stamps all together. A great holiday or seasonal stamp for anytime during the winter months! 

Printed and delivered from Zazzle

Value $20

WINNER: Sindy Murray

8th  Day of Christmas:
"Beauty comes from Within" 8oz ceramic mug featuring the art of "Spring". I'm sure she looks familiar! I designed this mug in the studio. Her colors are right and vibrant. Who needs some hot cocoa?

Printed and delivered from Pacific Trading Company

Value $12

WINNER: Heather Wone

9th  Day of Christmas:
An amazing coffee table book featuring 16 talented fantasy artists, including me. Get an inside look at these artists and why they paint what they paint. Great mini biographies and tons of art! A stunning book for any lover of fantasy art.

Some artists included are: Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Jody Bergsma, Kinuko Y. Craft, Linda Ravenscroft, Josephine Wall, Sheila Wolk, and many others.

Published by LightStream Publishing, LLC.

Value $30

WINNER: Hanneke Cole

10th Day of Christmas:
A goodie package filled with fairies! All of these items were created by me in the studio. No outside manufacturers. What you'll receive is:
5x7 print of "Blues of Winter"
5 pack of 4x6 Twilight Fairy postcards
"Shiitake" bookmark
Ornament of "Hope"
Pack of 45 stickers featuring "Lady of the Forest", "Midnight Warrior", "Into the Word", "Twilight Lilies", and "Perched at Dawn".

Value $50

WINNER: Mis Vadovsky

11th Day of Christmas:
A goodie package filled with mermaids this time. 
What you'll receive is:
5x7 print of "My Treasure"
5 pack of 4x6 mermaid postcards
"Red" bookmark
Pill box tin featuring "The Talisman"
Pack of 45 stickers featuring "Quiet Time", "Lusigna", "Roseilee", "Rest on the Horizon", and "The Talisman".

Value $50

WINNER: Constanza Ehrenhaus

12th Day of Christmas:
Original watercolor painting "Sienna" measuring 4x6 inches, matted and ready for an 8x10 frame.

Painted with the finest watercolors on hot press Arches watercolor paper. 

She's a warrior of the seas, searching for the magical treasures hidden within.

Value $160

WINNER: Audrey McGee Griffis


Shannan said...

Aww, she's cute! :)

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

My fave print? Hard to choose, but I'm feeling all vulnerable and ill tody, so I'm feeling strongly towards THE PROTeCTOR. :D

Sara Burrier said...

Dearest Princess Dieter, I'm so sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I pray that you find peace and healing soon!

Anonymous said...

I think my favourite has to be Lady of the Forest... but oh my goodness it's so hard to choose because they are all so beautiful!

Loredana Mariotto said...

Everytime I enter your Etsy Shop I discover new favourites, I loved so much the Celtic Irish Fairy with Flowers full of details, and the Red Haired Mermaid is always one of my fav, + this Cardinals, Evergreens, and Crisp Snow is too much lovely!

The Red Hare said...

What a neat list of To Dos for your contest - never seen this before. Happy Holidays, and continued inspirations to you! :D

Jennifer said...

Hope your Christmas is bright and cheery!

Jennifer said...

sorry! Fairy owl mask....I tried to post my comment several times ...Fuzzy words are hard to read! LOL

Christy L. said...

My favorite is The Guardian or Forest Protector. Love them all, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I love so many of Sara's prints. But of the one's currently in her Etsy store I am drawn to the Angel with Violin and Dove with Star. It's so very beautiful. (I'm a long-time fan and have licensed artwork for signature tags back when Sara was first signed for usage with CILM.) Blessings to you, Sara!

miskyla said...

princess mermaid print ... Love her :)

Natalia said...

The one I have my eye on recently is Mermaid Art Print "Embracing Love":D

Meredith said...

Oh I can't pick a favorite! I really like Midnight Warrior and Be Mine, and the Christmas angels...

Shannan said...

My favorite is Midnight Warrior. I love that she's your phone case! Kinda makes me wish I had a cell phone. Haha.

I have her framed already (along with the portraits and Rose) but I forgot to get a little stand so she can sit on my shelf. Once I have one (which should be next week!) I will send you photos of all the paintings. :)

Christy said...

Your Artwork is so Ethereal and Dream Inspiring! I purchased "Hidden" and can't wait to have that Celtic Fairy here. I also love "Her Tranquility", "Hollyhock Princess", "Birth Of Twilight", "Mourning", "Quiet Time", "Roseilee", The Celestial Prints and "Archangel Gabriel"! Brilliant Blessings to you!

Shannan said...

Oh my gosh, Sara! The drawing for day six is AMAZING! :) She's really wonderful, love her!

java diva said...

I like the snowflake fairy print.

Mir Writes said...

The 6th day gift is gorgeous. And the stamps are so cool. I didn't know you could have REAL stamps that work with special art like that. Woohoo.


Anonymous said...

I have to say my fav one is Purple Mermaid with Baby. Love love love it!

Patty O.

Tatyanah Romano Painter said...

Aaaaaaaaaw! That is really lovely! Many blesses to you!!!
I love all your paintings and draws, all bring peace to me. And the most important: it is all made with love. Your faith can be seen in any of them and it is a bless. The print I got from you "The Leap" I placed near my inspiration board with blue-tack (is still on the plastic wrap because I still did not found a nice frame, but I had looked). And the bookmark is always on the book I am reading.
Thank you for bless our lives with an amazing art!

Jade said...

Oooo, it's hard to decide but my current favorite is the Carnation Fairy. Of course my all-time favorite is the print of a reading mermaid which I own. It inspires me to find a quiet place to dream now and then. :)

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Wow these are so beautiful Sara! My favourite print is probably Crystal Blue Fairy but they are all so gorgeous :)

Rena said...

You are my favorite, Miss Sara! So incredibly talented. I am in awe of you, my friend!

Caryn N said...

Sienna is my favorite right now. I own all my other favorites thanks to Sara's wonderful sales! :)

Patty said...

Wow. Such a wonderful group of gifts.

Sonya Duffee said...

I love all your pieces, they are immensely beautiful, but my favorite would have to be the purple mermaid with baby.