May 14, 2008

If it's not one thing...

...It's another. ;) And ya know what, thats awesome because God has been very clear and evident in the last month or so. If you haven't been to the site, or didn't scroll down far enough, it would be kind of me to let you know that a member of my family has passed away. A.T., my cat for four years died on April 9th. It's been over a month now and so many great things have happened. Any other person would stare at me blankly after telling them what happened:

1. A.T. has to be put down.
2. I go..well let's just say a good chunk of money..negative in my bank account.
3. Seemed like my head was spinning from all of the "stuff" I had to do and places I had to be.
4. My printer now needs to be serviced(which is out of state) so I can't take orders right now.
5. I can't log into my ftp server to update my site.

Now why is all of this good?! Because God has been there every single step and has just blessed me beyond words through it all. I have a fabulous boyfriend who has been unbelievably supportive, affirming, and affectionate. I have great friends who have come around to just give me an ear. Very loving and understanding family. And a God who just won't give up on me. :)

But lets get to business first then personal.

I can not take orders on my site right now
, nor can I update my site to say so. Kinda frustrating, but a blessing because it forces me to focus on the children's book. But it's becoming difficult to get the word out. Orders can still be placed, I just don't know when I will be able to get them printed and shipped. :( So please, make sure you and others you may know who like my work, know about this. I try every day to log into the server but it just isn't happening. I've contacted the service provider but haven't heard back yet.

With that, what about that pretty face right at the top!? Her name is Madeline and she is my new kitty! I picked her up this morning and received her from the Animal Rescue League here in Iowa. She is 3-4 years old (so she isn't going to get any bigger), she's as big as a 6 month old kitten, and she is SO so sweet and full of affection. Today has been entertaining and relaxed as we both adjust to eachother and her mostly to the new environment. She was a stray a few weeks ago so I'm sure all of the changes (out doors, to the ARL, to Petsmart Adoption Center, to here) has worn her out and made her a bit unsure about what is really going on. BUT she has been very warm and trusting with me individually. So below are some more pictures. Its hard to go from a huge cat to one so tiny, but she's as sweet as a daisy! And her nick name is of course Madie. :)


Dawn Obrecht said...

Aww...YAY!! I love your new kitty!! She's precious!!

I'm sorry your server's down and your printer's down. YIKES!!

I'm glad you've gotten a lot of work done on your illos though!! ^^


Meredith said...

Glad you have a new kitty :)

Anonymous said...

Hello sweet Sara,
it is good to hear some news from you.
I am sad for your lost (A.T.). It is the circle of life.
It is statisticly normal that our pets leave the Earth before us.
When I was 9 years olfd, I lost a cat (his name was Mimi).
I still miss him... 16 years later.
I was so sweet... And there was a precious link between the 2 of us.

But, I am also happy for you !
Madeline looks so cute ! :)
(she looks a little like Chawanda : my second kitty which you can see there :

If she is 3 or even 4 months old, she will grow a little bit :)
On the pictures, we cannot really see how tiny she is however.

I am happy & glad that you have good friends on who you can count, and a great boyfriend. That is something very precious nowadays !

I hope your problems with your server (I am so bad with electronic, pc, ... lol), and your printer will be resolved as quickly as it can.

I am sure that your clients will understand : those things happen !

Take care dear Sara.