Nov 11, 2008

Running to Catch Up!

Okie, trust me, I've been sketching...just not posting. :P

I continue to practice my toddlers...drawing this one from imagination, keeping in mind that toddlers are only 3 1/2 heads small. A typical adult is 7 heads tall. Yet...even though they are extremely different in proportions I greatly enjoy drawing them. Even had to stick one of my mice in there. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with these mice. Kinda weird...
Then there's the Blanket King. When Brian was asleep I went over to pet Madie and noticed it looked like he was walking with the blanket's going in the opposite direction. I got this idea and just had to put it down on paper.

I have recently received a small commission to paint a bumblebee with the word Believe...and thought after the first sketch I should really research bumblebees. I knew I liked these guys for a reason. They are, out of the family of buzzers, the most timid and kind. Very easy to get that feeling across in my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

All these sketches are really nice. I like the mice too.