Nov 6, 2008

"One Afternoon" - In Progress

Okie, having' issues here. I find myself getting very strict in my mind when it comes to pieces like this. I have added such an expectation on it that I dug myself into a ditch. for me. It naturally flows and I don't get so frustrated with it...yet in this piece I'm just "blah". Don't know if these colors are working. Of course, in watercolor, you never know what the true color is going to be until you're near finished...because it's watercolor (layers). Yet usually by now I have a good sense as to what those colors will be. Not right now.

So I'm putting the piece out there (here and on forums...check out Amateur Illustrator...awesome site! Not just for amateurs either) to see if there is any feedback I can grab about the colors. The other part I know I struggle with is making things feel like they're going back in space in watercolor.

I want to use this for my first mail out postcards...but wondering if I'm making the piece way too tight.

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