Nov 5, 2008

Taking Flight

November 3rd

So Monday was Ardent, our art gathering here in Des Moines and it actually wasn't too bad of a night! Brian and Jacob were there of course, but my dad stopped in, two friends/coworkers from the Art Center, and then two other guys who happened to be meeting others decided to step on it during our first critique. Yeah! We had an actual critique! Way stoked about it too. I keep praying that this will continue.

Last Ardent I was trying to figure out a look for the White Rabbit in one of my illustrations (which has been casted aside since), and so we sketched in our books white rabbits. This time around somehow we got on the top of Brian being a ladybug. I think dad brought it up, but can't quite remember. So here was my version(s). And right next to it is another ink drawing for the word "vacant". IF's word of the week. Something different that my usual work. ;P

November 4th

Once again, while sitting in my cartooning students working hard on their project..I was asked what my assignment was this week. They were referring to my Illustration Friday word of the week. I told them, alas, I had already done the assignment. So one of my students said "I'll give you an assignment!" The assignment, once all said and done, was someone quizzical and flying. Then the bird was's Gus the gooseflyer. Also attempted to paint him with watercolor in my sketchbook which is not meant for watercolor. :)

And while the tv was on, crowds cheering, individuals crying, political analysts praising, and Obama takes the next presidency as the 44th President of the United States of America...I drew this. Wanting to mix culture and show emotion, this is what came up. I am so happy to know that I have lived to see something so historical and life changing for our country. You grow up hearing about historical people and events but find your life so ordinary in comparison. Not today. I'm 27 this month, and am SO looking forward to seeing what happens in my life because of his election. I think no matter what happens, the United States will forever be changed. Good job Americans! I hope and pray that we as a people grow stronger and wake up to what needs to be done. Love and rely on eachother, love and support your neighbor.

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