Nov 7, 2008

Which Design?!

I need help figuring out which postcard I should mail out...will you give me your opinion?

One Afternoon


Picnic with Monet


Sonia said...

Hi Sara,

I don't know if you remember me or not, but I bought/commissioned the zodiac ACEO set from you awhile back! Anyway, they're all GORGEOUS illustrations, but my favorite is One Afternoon! I think it has the perfect mix of beauty and cuteness!

Sonia =}

Jenn said...

OKay, Sara, how can you make me choose???? You know I love them ALL!!!
I actually picked "One Afternoon". But it was a really tough choice! Good luck on the mailing...I hope it brings you lots of requests!

Dawn Obrecht said...

I voted Thumbelina...I think because it's so like the fantasy pieces I fell in love with of yours!! ^^ Not that I'm into fantasy... LOL

Mirtika said...

Wow. How is one supposed to choose.

Honestly, if what you're doing is a sort of introductory thing, I'd choose the card to suit the publisher. No, really!

If a publisher does mostly children character stories that have a gentle feel, choose Picnic with Monet.

If a publisher specializes in fairy tales/or women-centered tales with more characterization, pick One Afternoon (cause the more detailed thing is the female/Cinderella, and her expression tells its own story).

If it's a publisher that prefers active fairy tales/stories or likes more vivid illustrations, pick Thumbelina, because it has a lot of going on and seems more intense color-wise.

But if I have to go with just one...argh..argh...One Afternoon. :) I like the meeces. :D

But really, I'd pick specific cards for specific houses/editors. (ie, if you can see a few books by a particular house/editor, it might guide your choice. Really.)

Best of luck.


Mirtika said...

I will say that just looking at them in terms of composition, Thumbelina seems most balanced and most vivid and active.

One Afternoon, though, is the style you want to evolve into. It does seem to lack something in the background, maybe??? But her expression is dramatic. The animals are cute. It just doesn't pop on overall viewing. It's appeal comes in when one looks at the details. If that helps.

Princess Sophie and Monet are hugely charming, and I like how there is a space for you identification. It has light and is appealing and playful. And it features an dog, which is great. :D

I really hated to choose, but I chose based on what you WANT to be doing, on the mice, and on her expression. But overall, in terms of composition, it lacks the potency of Thumbelina and the youthful glowing sigh factor of Picnic With Monet.

I am now offically a rambling dork. Sorry.


Tanja said...

I'd recommend the 2nd one, "Thumbelina". It offers a nice variety of characters to show your skills to the various publishers you plan on submitting to, and the layout works best out of the three you've posted IMO.

I might suggest fading or darkening the background to some way contrast your name and brand against the illustration more strongly. In all three images, it's kind of hard to see right away...and that's not something you want a publisher to try and guess. :)

Good luck!

Bobo said...

It's really difficult to choose one, they're all great! I finally vote for thumbelina, just because I like fairy tales most!

Bobo said...

It's really difficult to choose one, they're all great! I finally vote for thumbelina, just because I like fairy tales most!

Cynthia Narcisi said...

I like the top image, Sara:)