Feb 2, 2009

The Snow Lion

One thing Brian and I enjoy doing together is creating snow sculptures. Last year was our first snow sculpture, an angel. We wanted to be different and I live right on the corner of a very busy street. So it made sense, to us anyways, to go grand. Little did we know that the snow angel was just the practice piece, because this year we blew it out of the water.
We knew we wanted to do something larger, now that we had an idea as to how to go about the project. Shovel, lots of gloves, waterproof boots (which I didn't have :( but didn't care :D ), and maybe something to look off of. We decided to create a large guardian lion, or royal lion. Those lions that sit on your porch or on your front stairs. He stands about 4 to 4.5 feet tall, been photographed over a dozen times by common goers, had a few pats on the back, was displayed on the local news, brought smiles, brought laughs, and has just given Brian and I a sense of fulfillment. It's been fun watching people's responses and being able to bring some joy so simply to the community. :)


FairiesNest said...

Oh my, he's fabulous!!!

Dawn Obrecht said...

What a majestic snow lion. I wish I would've know it was on the news...I would've watched!! ^.~