Mar 26, 2009


So tonight, oh about 2am, I guess that's morning, I decided to finally paint this piece. Seems to be a pattern. I drew this at the same time I did all of the fairy blessings, that was before Christmas. It has been sitting in a basket on my drawing table staring me in the face since then. I wanted to try something different.

Interestingly enough, the title of the piece is "Faith", picked the day I drew it. I took a leap of faith with the drawing by applying a very loose variation of my technique, thinking less, and just doing. It's a struggle, believe it or not, for me not to get obsessive with detail in the painting process. I blend my colors fraying my brushes quicker than most, and go through lots of water (most of it goes into the paper towel).

Looking through my works I love the pieces I did for Illustration Friday, tho they are mostly digital. If I had a technique down to be able to paint them in under an hour I would have. A motivation to create one. A new technique.

I adored this drawing the moment I made a wee sketch of the concept in my sketchbook. It doesn't have the usual white acrylic applied, nor the amount of detail I would normally add. But I don't mind the looseness and energy it carries.

I hope to do more pieces in this technique. :) My new whimsical! Woo! :P

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Dawn Obrecht said...

She's so whimsical and free!!! I love the feelings she evokes!! ^^