Jan 25, 2012

Special Valentine Giveaway

I would like to start a new tradition around here, and I want it to be something special given at least once a year.
I want to give away a painting, and I think Valentine's Day is the perfect time.

Title: "Love Floats"
Image Size: approx. 6.5 x 11 inches
Paper Size: 9x12

I created this piece just for the giveaway, and it's particularly special because of how I went about the process. In my previous post I mentioned I was going to take a watercolor class and I found many awesome videos/tutorials on youtube. 

I applied much of what I learned, and something clicked last night as I completed "Love Floats". I am VERY excited to see the new discovery in my later work. (discovery will be revealed in next blog post)

Why the original giveaway? I truly believe my artwork goes to those it was intended for, and I know in these times it can be difficult to obtain something extra that isn't a necessity. 

So, is this intended for you? 
Here's how you can find out...

Mandatory Entry: Post below about one of the biggest blessings you've ever received. What truly touched you and made you stand up straight knowing you were/are loved?

Additional ways to enter (get your name in multiple times):

1 entry - Share the giveaway on Facebook and Twitter and mention below
2 entries - Visit my shop and share your favorite art print below 
3 entries - Write a blog post about this giveaway and share the post here 

Please be sure to post all comments here so that nothing gets lost. If it's not below it won't count. 
I will use Random.org to determine a winner.

There's More?!
Yuppers! There will be a second and third place winner too!

Second Place Prize: *Two (2) 8x10 prints of your choice from my shop and one (1) Print of "Love Floats"

Third Place Prize: One (1) print of "Love Floats"

*open editions only

My Biggest Blessing? It's a hard question because my life is truly filled with so many blessings! It's why you see me use the word everywhere, because I am overflowing with them. 

I think my biggest blessing is when God encompassed all of me and saved me from a life that could have led to death. I mean this in a physical sense, although he saved my soul too. If he had not done that, and loved me so much to do that, I would not have my husband, my friends, my in laws, the amazing relationships with my mom, dad, and sister, it's astounding.

The life I have now as I know it would not exist....and the one that would be....makes me shudder to even think about. I knew I had to get out of that situation, that lifestyle, but couldn't do it on my own. He and I truly bonded through that experience. It's amazing what miracles he brings. :) 



Danielle S said...

My biggest blessing, with out a doubt, is my husband. He has been with me most of my life, helped me when I needed it, scolded me when I need that and loved me with every breath he takes. He always takes the time to make me feel good about myself, our marriage and everything we have yet to do. He's an amazing man, and I would be lost with out him.

[ admin@theurbanfairymilana.com

Danielle S said...

Posted to FB:

And twitter:

& Currently my favorite print is:

Nora Blansett said...

I think one of the top times I've felt both blessed and loved was recently when my whole world was falling apart, my dog Pixie became seriously ill and required major surgery. Many of my artist friends online got together and we raised the money to get her the surgery and aftercare she needed. It was beyond love, it was spiritual.

Posted on Facebook & my favourite art print (at the moment!) is: Fairy in Gold Art Print - Owl Mask - Autumn Masquerade - Warrior Princess

Mirriam said...

If I were going to be honest, I would have to say that the biggest blessing I have ever received is Eternal Life from God. He took me in when I was despicable, loved me, and cares for me no matter how wayward I can be, or how foolishly stubborn I am. That is truly the greatest blessing of all.

I Facebooked this, and my favorite print (well, ONE of them; honestly, I can't pick just one) but I LOVE Guardian Angel. I also adore the Fairy With Mask and the Celtic Fairy. =) And also, I'm blogging about this!!

Bethie Engstrom said...

I'd have to say the greatest blessing in my life is Christ. But I wouldn't have said that even a few weeks ago. I guess the real greatest blessing is that God has placed certain people in my life that care for me so much that I can't even understand. The motherly figure that pulled me aside when I was living for myself and just said simply "You do realize you only have one life to live". It woke me up and since then I've began to see the blessings that I thought were not there all the more clearly.

My (two!) favorites in your shop are your "Forest Guardian" and your Chrysanthemum "Mum".

Sonia said...

I came out of hiding just to share the contest post on my wall <3! I haven't been feeling well lately, hence I'm just stalking lately on Facebook. Here's my share post about the contest.


Also, my current favorite print of yours on Etsy is the Be My Valentine print.


I had a blog, but I currently avoiding it for similar reasons.

Sara Burrier said...

Such touching stories! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

Danielle, I feel the same way about my husband. To have a partner who's in it with you through thick and thin, completely committed, changes the world. So overjoyed hearing that you have that in your life!

Nora, that's astounding! What a gift!!! I think when money and time are the two biggest sacrifices because it forces us to look beyond ourselves. To know that many people rallied around you. Wow. Pure love.

Mirriam, I'm right there with you sister. :) I'm a daily stubborn and independent woman. His love is so great!

Bethie you are so right about your circle. A little over a year ago I had people but no Christians other than my husband who were in my intimate circle. I prayed craving what I saw others having...nothing clicked. Now I'm surrounded, my circle is very wide, and I have some of the best relationships! I pray that this year is just filled over the brim for you and your heart. :) What blessings He has planned for you!

Heya Sonia! So glad to see you peek out and make an appearance! Thank you so much for your support. To officially enter the drawing can you - when you're feeling better - share one of your biggest blessings? Get better soon! ^_^

amymccarty1985 said...

What touched me the most and was my biggest blessing was having my daughter. I am struggling now for a second child and this helps me to realize just how much of a blessing she really is! I love her dearly and would do anything for her. :) Thank you for this giveaway.
amymccarty at hotmail dot com

amymccarty1985 said...

WOW these are all so amazing!! It was hard to pick but I really liked the.. Love Valentine Fairy Art Print - Flying with Pegasus' - Red and White Hearts - 10x8 inches
:) I really hope I win!
amymccarty at hotmail dot com
entry 1

amymccarty1985 said...

WOW these are all so amazing!! It was hard to pick but I really liked the.. Love Valentine Fairy Art Print - Flying with Pegasus' - Red and White Hearts - 10x8 inches
:) I really hope I win!
amymccarty at hotmail dot com
entry 2

Megan E. said...

I believe one of my greatest blessings has been the craziness of my family! We have been crazy enough to to do foster care for almost 8 years and each of those children has been a blessing in some way or another.

Megan E. said...

Ooohhh, just one favorite??? Fairy with Mask Print - White Ball Gown with Hearts - Garden and Leaves.
entry 1.

Megan E. said...

Ooohhh, just one favorite??? Fairy with Mask Print - White Ball Gown with Hearts - Garden and Leaves.
entry 2.

Caryn N said...

My fiance is the biggest blessing in my life, hands down. From him I have learned how to love God and be loved by God, as well as not to take things for granted. Nothing in my life is taken for granted anymore. God creates, and he can take away. I have such a deep understanding of this concept now. The world around me is so much brighter, it's astounding. The things love can do....they're just amazing!

Caryn N said...

Even though I own it, I must admit that "Friendship" is still my favorite print of yours. :) There's something about her expression that touches me in a way that I never expected.

Caryn N said...

Shared on Facebook. :) (Only share from your page.)

Anonymous said...

There are so many undeserved blessings it's hard to pick one. I guess The biggest blessing I've been given was the day my life fell apart. I was so angry and doubting if God heard me. I told him that if I was worth His time to send me some kind of a sign that I would recognize. God knowing my affinity to butterflys (monarchs) 3 flew into my kitchen through the open back door. One fell into my soapy dish water, the cat is chasing another bouncing all over the kitchen likeshe'd died and gone to heaven ,and one landed calmly on the curtain about 2 ft from my face. franticly I rescue them all and put them in a big jar. Still super upset I remember holding the jars,walking outside and letting them go and told him ''thank you, but next time I ask for a sign lets do something a little less chaotic'' I can't go into all the messages there was tied up into 3 monarch butterflies flying into my home and needing rescue but I can tell you that was the biggest blessing God ever gave me because it opened a door and thawed my heartenough for me to walk through and build a trusting relationship with my creator,parent,friend,savior and confidante.
Then there was the birth of my children, unanswered prayers,my hubby, answered prayers, the bad times as well as a couple miracles. :D



Oh and my favorite art print from your shop is Pink Fairy

Pixie said...

One of my greatest blessings in this life is my mother. She is the kind of mother I would want to be, putting her family first and doing everything to protect them, care for them, and making sure they know they are loved.


Anonymous said...

I think my favorite print, as hard as it is to pick just one of the many amazing pieces of art you have shared with us, is "Quiet Time". :)


Pixie said...

Posted on facebook.



Pixie said...

Shared on twitter!



Anonymous said...

My biggest blessing is my daugther. Even tough I had many heart break in my life, many event that hurt my heart very bad, she was always there with me....I did not though a child can bring so much love for one person...Even though she grow old now, she always make me feel so precious, with all her everyday little note, drawing on the bathroom mirror filled with fog,saying or *hugging*. I now know what it inconditional love, even if she make me mad sometime the love for each other is so strong that forgiveness is easy :) ...I'm bless! I love you sweetie ♥ {Omg I'm crying now...hi!hi!}

FeeVertelaine said...
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Anonymous said...

My favorite print in your shop now...ohhh that is a hard one, I love so many of them:

Anonymous said...

Posted on facebook :)
Thank you so much for giving away such a beautifull watercolor of yours...this is precious!!

Loredana Mariotto said...

I shared your giveaway in facebook, (no twitter sorry), and right now my favorite is "Guardian Angel" I would like mine to be like this!
Thanks for your happy giveaway!

Faeries In My Closet said...

My biggest blessing is my family. The moment my children were born was the day I was truly blessed. I have a loving and supportive husband who is my rock I stand on. I love your art, I shared on facebook, fav. some prints and your shop in my etsy, and shared on my blog your V.day giveaway. <3 Thanks so much~

Loredana Mariotto said...

My blessing goes to "Art", that inspires my life and makes my days better and lets my herat sing everyday. The art I make myself but also the art made by others, like you Sara, a pleasure to live with.

Faeries In My Closet said...

I <3 your facebook page!

Faeries In My Closet said...

http://www.etsy.com/listing/51564316/fairy-writing-in-diary-print-with-birds My daughter loves this one btw, I think it might have to be a special bday gift for her! :D