Feb 9, 2012

Life's Sketches

Not only am I working in the Little Red Book (about once a week), but I've also found complete solace in creating these more refined sketches. Beyond anything my true love lies in drawing.

I'm trying to create work that reflects me, even if it's commissioned work or something for licensing. If I'm not connected to it somehow it lacks heart and thus very little connection with others. In watching my sales on Etsy, the pieces that sell the most are the ones my heart truly connected with.

This piece was first an exercise to draw from observation, but after I drew her eye I connected with her and the emotion she's feeling. I really began to pour out my desires into her as I drew, thinking about everything I'm learning patience for. 

The box was added at the very end problem solving how to express to others what she was feeling. I personally am patiently waiting for the next big chapter in my life...a larger family. "As I wait you make me stronger." I look forward to this painting being a more explorative piece in the watercolor stage.

"Life Song"
I wanted to draw another piece similar to "Cardinal Song" but bigger, so the other day I just began sketching with "Cardinal Song" by my side.

Well, like "Waiting" my thoughts began to roam. I have been very focused on seeing my husband, Brian, and the health of our marriage. He really is the center of my world right next to God, and I have used him for reference but never a piece that truly looks like him and embodies him. I think it's finally time.

At first he wasn't going to have wings, but I'm SO glad I drew them in, I was taken back by how well they came out as I typically have a rough time getting them in with a balance. A testament that the more you draw the better you get. ;)

I can't wait to paint him!
(I'm thinking greens and blacks)


Mirriam said...

I love these - they're beautiful and amazing and inspire me. Then again, they always do =)
~ Mirriam

roberto M. said...

Hi, Sara, your drawings are always excellent, nice to see them.
Have a nice weekend!

theartofpuro said...

They are beautiful:)

Mary Lou Rosato-Caine said...

I am so inspired by your work!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Dear Sara! Your work is amazing! A big inspiration... I like how you connect your art and your faith. I believe, I can through my art participate on God´s creativity. I can feel His beauty and love and put it into a picture...
Have a nice day! S.