Sep 30, 2009

Analyzing Portfolio

I visited fellow illustrator's blog, Wilson, and read his Wisdom Wednesday post this morning finding a link to Scott Franson's site. The reason for the link was Wilson was talking about reviewing and analyzing your portfolio (there's more to the story, you'll just have to visit his blog to read more back story). Anyhoo I visited Scott's site. Love it! Enjoy this creativity, and his spunk! Found the analyzing portfolio pdf that Wilson was talking about, what?

See this is where I get stumped. I'm staring at this sheet and it occurs to me that I've seen it, and printed it off before! The reason I haven't used it do I use it?! I don't know about others, but to stand away from my own portfolio and analyze it isn't one of my strong suits. Give me anyone else and I'll have a blast! But my own?! I don't know if what the first impression of my portfolio is, let alone score it based on a 0-5 scale. How do I know if my characters have credibility of expression and body language. I know the narrative, so when it comes to who does what to whom...I'm going to automatically know that.

You can't go backwards from what you already know and pretend you don't know it. At least..I'm not one who can. I can see giving this to another artist for critique, and believe it or not I am going to take this to my art group on Monday and see if we can't use it to support one another. But I would love to use this one my portfolio. :/ I know my portfolio, although pretty, needs A LOT of work. I'm so behind with becoming a children's book illustrator.

Sometimes I wonder if this is what I'm meant to do, or if there's something else. It's kind of scary being almost thirty and still not knowing where your work fits. Nothing has really moved me in any direction. I've illustrated two self publishing books...enjoyed both of them, but wonder if I could really do a true blue published book. Or if I'm fit for editorials.

Thus, I want to know where my portfolio stands. If I know where I'm lacking I can work and train on it more.


Holly Durr Art said...

I've often looked at my portfolio and every time I have a growth spurt I ended up weeding out my week pieces. Pieces I felt weren't up to date with my progress in my drawing skills.

I think just about everyone wonders if they are good enough, if there art is strong enough for licensing, children's books, etc. All I know is, You have to try and encourage yourself, like in the bible, David encouraged himself in the Lord. Sara you are a Christian, and you have the Lord on your side. Anything is possible with him, as long as it's his will. I believe you are good enough, but in the end, it's what you think.

Holly Durr Art said...

that would be "weak", not week, LOL

Carmen Medlin said...

Hey, that's a pretty cool resource! I have the same feelings about my portfolio really... pretty but does it have LIFE?
I always thought your work has a wonderful fluid quality, elegant yet playful. And to me it certainly *does* have narrative.
I totally get the 30 years old thing... I'm 32 and STILL haven't figured it out. Good thing God knows what direction to go, even if we don't. :)

Scott said...

Don't worry about 30. I was 41 when Un-brella was published. Keep making images and telling stories. Most people become an overnight success by working many years + one day.