Sep 8, 2009

Day two of the scramble

Yesterday I was in a funk all day. Blah! I hate those days. I hate the days where I'm snappy and rude to my husband, I hate the days where I feel like a pile of blah, and I hate days that I question my trust in the Lord. I cried myself to sleep praying. But, alas, a new day has started and the sun is peering over the horizon, I have my coffee, and starting to think how can I make something out of what God's given me.

I prayed last night for Him to reveal something to me in regards to where He wants my work to go. I'm sure He's showing me, but I prayed for me to see it. I know God is always working, I just have to stop, look, and listen. But there are times when I know my mind is so focused on other things that I miss Him all together. So I asked to see, hear, and know. I asked for peace. When I get frustrated it's like this surge that goes through my veins, and I can't contain my physical anxiety. Its difficult to not feel I ask for peace.

I have a sense of peace this morning. Though my brain is still body feels rested. I'm thinking about my schedule...gonna make that plan first. Then start working. Brian and I bought a $30 Epson All in One last night at Target. Kind of hard to believe...but I did the research and aside from typical Epson's a good printer. I'm excited because this means I can do prints again. :)

So here's praying for a blessed and God loving day. Just one at a time.

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